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About Us

About Stepping Stones

Our Story

Stepping Stones Early Learning Academy is a Preschool for children ages 1-5 that provides an adventurous setting for those in their early learning years to flourish.

Our goal is to teach children to love God, provide a positive foundation for a life-long love of learning, and promote independence with a focus on social and emotional aspects of a child’s development. We provide a structured curriculum along with exposure to classical arts, science, and cooking that allows students to learn through play, exploration, and discovery.

All children learn differently, so we provide many opportunities for them to find their God-given abilities to allow them to be successful in life.


Our Philosophy

Stepping Stones Academy aims to provide a nurturing environment in which the young child and their family feels loved, respected, and valued. Our Christian program is designed to promote the child’s development emotionally, mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually.

Our Vision

Teaching and incorporating Christian principles for living into the classroom

Being a reflection of God’s love to our children

Providing sincere, nurturing teachers

Valuing the uniqueness and individuality of each child

Building our curriculum around developmentally appropriate practices

Encouraging active learning

Partnering with parents to build a strong God-centered foundation for the children in our care


The staff and teachers of Stepping Stones Early Learning Academy make every effort to build their curriculum around developmentally appropriate practices. The  implications of such practices include:

  • Making Lessons meaningful to children and related to what they already know
  • Teaching in a way that recognizes that children do not learn in the same way; they aren’t interested in learning the same thing as everyone else all the time
  • Providing instruction that is physically and mentally active - children should be actively involved in learning activities by building, creating, experimenting, investigating, and working collaboratively with their peers
  • Providing hands-on activities with concrete objects and manipulatives as opposed to workbook and worksheet activities
Tammie Bowyer
Tammie Bowyer
Tammie Bowyer
Marilyn Wallace
Marilyn Wallace
Marilyn Wallace
Assistant Director

what parents say

Testimonials About Stepping Stones Academy

I don’t even know how to begin to thank Ms. Tammie and Ms. Marilyn for all they have done throughout this season of our family’s life. Thank you for all you’ve done for our family.

Tammie and Ms. Marilyn are an asset to the community. They were flexible, accommodating and understanding in all aspects of work, family, and God. This made the transition to motherhood and working so easy. They make you feel good about leaving your child with someone else!

Ms. Tammie will go through leaps and bounds to help out her families. She cares for each and every family like they are her own. I am so blessed to have sent my child to a school where the staff love and treat him like he is their own. Thank you again for a wonderful experience every day and loving our child!



I had the pleasure of my son knowing Tammie and Marilyn for several years, and I can only say I wish it had been longer. Their hearts for children and God are amazing! The kindness, happiness, and love that they bring to children each and every day is unmatchable.



Tammie & Marilyn did an incredible job with our daughter. It was the first school she attended and they made her feel right at home. Our daughter showed signs of discouragement and became real clingy during our divorce. However, both Tammie & Marilyn went above and beyond to make her feel right at home and not only calmed her down, but calmed us down as parents. There are no other two people in this State that we would trust more with my children than these two.

If you want your children to be in a comfortable, safe, learning environment, any place that is run by Mrs. Tammie & Mrs. Marilyn is where you want to be.

J & K